Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahhh So Much Better!!!

Yes, today I feel more normal. Thanks to a good nights rest and a kind family who loves me even if I'm a nerd!

Last night, idelivered one of my old printers to Critter. It is so good to see her doing so well. I love Critter so very much and I only want the best for her. I know she will fiugure out what she has to do in life soon.

Missy called me yesterday too. It's always fun to hear from her. She is like a buzz saw. When ever she comes around, well, when she leaves, ya wonder, "where did all the noise go?" She has alot happening around her all the time. She is the cutest little Diva!! Also, I went to lucnch with Tony yesterday and saw Julie and her friend there. Tone went up and pinched her butt. She didn't even flinch! Too funny. Anyway, I teased Jewels by calling her between chews, (Just once). I know I know! Anything to get a laugh!! Then last night before Tone and I delivered Critts couch from Annette's aaptment, Annette came over. I love her very much and it's nice to nice to eachother for a change. She takes care of me. I think I was sick because of the huge danged tax bill I had to pay. I think I paid in taxes what I was paid the first year I was a broker! Yikes!!!! and Ouch!!!!! back to the kids, the only one I didn't hear from was Davey and my lovely Stephy. I love those kids. You should have heard their talks last sunday in church. Wow, they did great. Both were very prepared and I was so pleased to call them "My Own" I love all of my family.

Anyway, back to the salt mine for me. Lunch is over! More Bricks, ....No Straw!!!( from the movie the 10 Commandments)