Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahhhh, a new week!

So this weekend was a very busy one, as are most weekends. Lets see, we cleaned the church, got help a friend move (well sorta, got there late), went to Stake conference this weekend, picked up stuff in the basement, went home teaching, played a gig with the "Mint Condition" Band on Friday, made cookies, and went to try to refill cartyridges that were just too old I guess at Critters place. No wonder I can't wait to come to work. Besides, I love what I do 99% of the time.

Looks like the festivities for this week are, Home Evening with Crit & Ellory followed by a quick recording session with one named Rick Harris tonight at home, 40 Somethin band pactice tomorrow night, a gig @ Apple on Wednesday, a quick recording session on thursday and finally, a date with Annette ion Friday. Full schedule for sure.

Critter brought the car back last night so I drove that. I feel guilty driving it because they need it so bad but Annette tells me it is good for them to figure out wht they are going to do. I love my little Crit and Ellory, heck I love all my kids.

Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18th 1980 Memories!!!

Hey!! Today I would have been married to Annette for 28 years. Well, it was such a great sealing to her at the Manti Temple way back then. Who would have thought that from that day we would have 4 great kids and 5 wonderful grandkids. Oh man life is good. I am happy and so pleased with my family. I love it and I am blessed. Life is good.

So today, I was really down and have been for a long time ( 5 weeks) with the slow down and the darned media talking all the crap that they do. They, the media, are so believeable that one would think that this is normal. Anyway, I snapped out of it today and decided to take charge of myself again. I made myself accountable for what i was doing all day. I find that a note pad, and a pen, writing what I've done, who I've contacted, what I've done, is very revealing! No wonder I was down. I'm reminded of a story that I heard aboutr a man that sold mexican food from a handcart in a large California city. He had great food, a good steady business and he worked hard to send his son to college so that the son would not have to sell food from a cart as he was doing. He was so pleased to send his son to the university and worked hard at it and business was good and he was always growing more and more every year.

Well, the story continues with the son coming home from college for a spring break and telling his father, "Hey Papa, don't you know we're in a recession? People are losing their jobs. People are mortgaged beyond their means to pay. People are seeking refuge from all of the emotional stress caused by this recession. Why would you order more meat and vegetables to make more food to sell to people who can't afford to eat out?"

Well, the father thought about it. He knew that his son was more educated formally than he ever was going to be. He thought to himself, "Well, he knows! He's been to school! I should not order more meat and vegetables to make more! He says we're in a recession! So I will listen to him." So the father made fewer and fewer meals from his handcart and soon, he was closing his little business down because there was nobody coming to buy his food. Finally, he too was a victim of the "Recession".

It is interesting how a self fullfilling prophecy will come true if we think that way. It actually works both ways. We are what we think. The little food stand was successful as long as the father thought it was. As soon as he didn't, then it wasn't. So in life it is! "We are What we think!!!"

I'm glad I snapped out of it today!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahhh So Much Better!!!

Yes, today I feel more normal. Thanks to a good nights rest and a kind family who loves me even if I'm a nerd!

Last night, idelivered one of my old printers to Critter. It is so good to see her doing so well. I love Critter so very much and I only want the best for her. I know she will fiugure out what she has to do in life soon.

Missy called me yesterday too. It's always fun to hear from her. She is like a buzz saw. When ever she comes around, well, when she leaves, ya wonder, "where did all the noise go?" She has alot happening around her all the time. She is the cutest little Diva!! Also, I went to lucnch with Tony yesterday and saw Julie and her friend there. Tone went up and pinched her butt. She didn't even flinch! Too funny. Anyway, I teased Jewels by calling her between chews, (Just once). I know I know! Anything to get a laugh!! Then last night before Tone and I delivered Critts couch from Annette's aaptment, Annette came over. I love her very much and it's nice to nice to eachother for a change. She takes care of me. I think I was sick because of the huge danged tax bill I had to pay. I think I paid in taxes what I was paid the first year I was a broker! Yikes!!!! and Ouch!!!!! back to the kids, the only one I didn't hear from was Davey and my lovely Stephy. I love those kids. You should have heard their talks last sunday in church. Wow, they did great. Both were very prepared and I was so pleased to call them "My Own" I love all of my family.

Anyway, back to the salt mine for me. Lunch is over! More Bricks, ....No Straw!!!( from the movie the 10 Commandments)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I feel like "Yatahey" (Poop)!!!! Ever since monday night after Remi's birthday party, I've had a flu bug. I thought I was over it but low and behold. Here I am with the Hee-Bee-Gee-Bee's. I feel like a ballon about ready to pop.
I went to lunch with Tony today to the Pita Pit. This is the first meal of meat that I've had since monday after I ate my ham sandwich. I am now in so much pain that I can hardly type. I wonder if this what it feels like to die. Yeah....thats the way to die! With a big ol' fart on the way out. he he he he !!! Oh well, maybe I'll get to feeling better by tommorrow. I think I'll call this the Poop Diet!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey, This is Cool!!!!

My ever faithful and talented little daughter-in-law Jewels has the best ideas and so much talent that drips from her finger tips that taking advantage of some of her ideas seems completely worthwhile. She helped me create this blog and I'm excited about it. I'm going to create one for the band too.