Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Graffitti 5-24-08

Well, we did it. We re-wed on May 23rd. It was about 2 weeks earlier than I had originally anticipated but it was so that Annette wouldn't have to pay for another month in her apartment. It was along weekend and all the kids could be here if they wanted. I was hapopy to start over again. I don't think there are many of us that actually do this THREE times but, none the less, it's done and I'm grateful and happy for it. We all went out as a family on Friday and had a wonderful dinner. Crit and Nick was the only ones that couldn't be there. Other than that. It was a family affair like last time. Ha ha ha ha. Anyway... the house is nearly all in order, the walls and furnishings are nearly all in place and life is continuing on as it should. Life is good and I'm grateful for it and all my family too.

I woke up to see someone (I know who it was too) had tagged the truck. Leaving cute little messages of the beloved event! I think the people who tagged it are not too far behind Annette and I.