Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Trip to the BIG APPLE!!!!

Last Week Annette and I went to New York (Manhattan) with one of our mutual fund families that we represent. It was an absolute blast. We stayed at the Embassy Suites off of Vessey right next to Ground Zero and the Hudson River. Every night we would look out toward Jersey City and at the Ferry's that would cross the river. Oh, the Hudson River makes the Snake River here in Idaho look like a small creek.

We went to the Empire state building and enjoyed every minute of our visit there at the Empire. One thing that we noticed right away was the white people there in line with us, spoke other languages other than english. Mostly tourists out on the town. And what a town it is. After that we went to Little Italy and ate. We went via the subways both to and from. That my friends is an experience in itself. One thing I noticed is that people in the city for the most part, have money because they haven't got anything else. Small living arrangements, no vehicle, no place to store stuff. I guess I wouldn't trade our fewer dollars earned for the lifestyle that we have. It is certainly fun toi visit but not to live. At least not for us.

Saturday, we slept in and had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel (It should be for the $500 per night that it cost us). We once again boarded the E Train to Central Park and got off and walked through this beautiful park. The colors were stunning! I mean stunning. We felt we were in an episode of Law and Order and waited for Gorin and Eames to appear!! ha ha. Anyway, we went to the Museam of Modern Art. All I can say is O-M-GOSH!!! It is huge. I mean really huge. We were there for 4 hours and all we did was skim the surface. We were completely overwhelmed. From there we went to Lexington Ave and found a little Deli to eat att. The food again, was excellent. We hoped the Subway back towards the financial district where we had our luggage and a Limo waiting to take us to the airport. We made friends with two cute little ladies from Ireland that were there in NYC to shop because it was so much cheaper than Ireland!!! Go Figure???!!! Anyway, they were so warm and friendly. They were headed for Century 21 to shop. They asked if we knew where it was and neither Annette or I knew what they were talking about!!! I thought they were buying Real Estate!!! Ha ha ha ha!!

Anyway, it was good to come home to a blessed City like Idaho Falls and our family. We brought the typical gifts that you buy there in NYC. Oh man, what to get a growing family of grandkids and inlaws!!!