Monday, June 23, 2008

Andersen Family Reunion 2008

Soooo, We had a blast again this year down at the Andersen Family reunion in Palisades State Park down by Stirling Utah. Oh, is it beautiful down there. We had a whole bunch of fun and Missy,Tom, Steph and David jojned us for the reunion. Annette and I just enjoyed ourselves. They all went to the pagent on friday night when we got there. ai stayed and set up the camp as best I could. I had to roll into Walmart in Ephriam to get my fishing lic and some stuff for camp. Kam and I started on saturday and played the instruments with Darren and his boys and then Tyson, Larry and I went fishing down at 9 mile res. Then we ventured to Gunnison Res and then ended up in Redmond at the Redmond res. I caught a big ol pike there. We had a blast with the auction and just relaxed and enjoyed the family and got caught up. It was fun as usual. Gramps, Davey, Stephie, Missy and Tom all went golfing all day. We all did what we wanted to do and just enjoyed it. Sure wish that the whole family could have gone. Maybe next year!!!