Thursday, June 12, 2008

Malad Gorge 6-11-08

On my way home yesterday I have wanted to see this place again. I stopped there way back in 1990 when I was selling sweepers with my good friend Jerry Coon. I can't wait to go back and take some of the family to see it. It is so cool looking. It's a huge gorge in the Hagerman area. I see it all the time and it looks so beautiful. The last time I was there, (1990) there were quail all around the picnic area. I didn't see any this time. It is so beautiful there. The foot bridge was a little weird. I read about an outlaw named Moroni Hicks and his bunch that tried to hide out from the law there.

And yet another Snap of Redneck America

So yesterday, I'm in Caldwell Idaho and for years I've seen the "Big Kahuna" parked out in front of this parts store. It is so classic redneck that it needs to be added to the redneck file of photos. I did notice that it had no engine and I thought it was pretty cool the way it was put together. So, I snapped a couple of pictures of it!

Snow!!! On June 11 2008

So, yesterday I wake up real early because I have to go to Caldwell and do an enrollment meeting for a 401k that I have there. I mean, it's been cold here but it has not been cold enough to snow. Well, guess what? It DID! I was having to run the wipers as it took off the snow. It was gone in just a few m iles (pocatello) as I traveled down. I haven't seen snow this late since way back in 1981 or 82 when it snowed on the 4th of July while Annette and I were on a float for our Stake. Crazy