Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Trip to Caldwell to See the Twins

So yesterday, we all loaded up into Tony's van and left Idaho falls and made the 4 hour trek to Caldwell to see Davey and Steph and also Kenzington and Rylee. We had a blast.

The only little person to go with us was Ellory. She was fun. I'll just say that it was an honor to give the girls a blessing and to spend even if it was just a few hours with our newest grand girls. They are beautiful and PUNY!

We hated to leave and if we would have driven, we'd have been there until the hospital staff would have had to to get the retraining order in place and remove us! It was nice to be together with Tone, Julie, Missy, Critter and Ellory to see Davey, Stephie, Kenzi, and Ry.