Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts on April 18th 2010, but a week late

So, in the year 1980, the month of April, and the day 18, a beautiful girl of 20 years from Utah and a boy from the California desert were married in Manti Utah in one of the most beautiful LDS Temples that has ever been built.

Over the years we experienced joy in so many ways and heartaches in so many ways too. We've loved each other, been really mad at each other, wanted to SHOOT each other, told each other to go to (someplace really hot!), held eachother through difficult times, held each other when loved ones past on. We've made common goals with each other for our family and ourselves both collectively and independently (albeit, many times we took different routes getting there), stood behind our children when tough choices needed to be made, shared with non family members perhaps when we really didn't have that asset or commodity to share. I could go on for hours and tell stories for days. That part I'll leave in a book that I have been writing from time to time called "My Life History". I'm certain ,my kids won't care about it but perhaps my grandkids will find something of value in it at the time that they elect to read it.

Anyway, back to Annette and Ralph. We spent our 30 year anniversary here at home, me doing domestic chores and Annette suffering with strep throat. Not the glorious 30 year anniversary I had anticipated so many years ago. We did celebrate an evening out to the movies with Ellory and Critter by going to see Oceans, a Disney Nature movie last night, a week later. Will we celebrate another day? I'm certain we will, but unlike before when it was so important to make sure we celebrated on that given day, we will just do it on our own time. I know, I know, it's my unstructured nature that makes me this way.

Hey, at least we did go to the Oregon Coast and to Bellingham to see Missy and Tom. I'm sorta counting that as part of a celebration though certainly not substituting it for the actual celebration. We'll get around to it and no one has to tell me that I have to do it on the said day. Ahhh, there is just a whole bunch of good about me getting older! No structure! ha ha ha ha

Here's some pics of our vacation ( my first one in years other than hunting vacations)