Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is coming to Idaho!!! Hooray!!!

Ok, It's been a long winter here in Idaho. I still have a good load of snow on my lawns especially the ones facing north and on my deck in the back. I can now see the stuff that was left on the deck and hidden under th snow. Shame on me for leaving stuff out there.
Anyway, I'm excited to get the duldrums of winter, the current economics, peoples portfolios in the negative, completely out of the way. I'm ready to have Faith. I think it was Neil A Maxwell that said that "Fear and Faith cannot exist in the same person at the same time". I really believe that and this time of our woes for many will go away like they always do. I have told my kids and friends who struggle that "I've been broke before, and it ain't so bad!" It really isn't for all that matter.
Anyway, along with that has also come much beauty and joy and fun times too. We have countless blessing that I think we take for granted. For us, some of the blessings include reasonable health, a comfortable home, kids that live close, grandkids that live close, parents that are doing well and coping with life in ever diligent ways, and also, twins that are coming to Davey and Stephie! We are so excited that they will be moving in with us for the month of April brefore they move to Boise where Dave will be going to school. Thats the only sad part is that they will be 4 hours away from us. Oh that really hurts Annette but, she's tough and I'm sure we'll be putting on miles to go see the little ones.

Anyway, here are some pics from the last month of Idaho winter fun and beauty: