Monday, May 12, 2008

Ellory's Blessing

Last Sunday we had Ellory blessed. It was a fun time because all the family was there. We missed missy but it was fun having Nick's mom, her family and all of her aunts anuncles were at the house. It made me think that I'd better clean up my Redneck backyard and make it look good. Anyway, I forgot my camer and we had a houseful. Critter did snap one of her in her blessing dress and she sent it to me. David blessed her and it was funny because he first blessed her and then gave her the name of Ellory jane Perez!!!!! OPPS!!!! He fixed it by saying Ellory Jane Howe! He was so nervous. Anyway, Davey sure loves little Ellory and she loves him. He can make any baby smile. He's like his grampa Anderrsen that way. This family is so good to be a part of...hey wait...they can't help but be related to me! ha ha ha

I Love Them All

Redneck America- Gotta Love It.

This last week I went to Leadore Idaho for my annual visit with the Jr. Econmics students of Leadore School. Kim Sharp, the teacher has invited m\e upmthere for years and I enjoy going there so much because the drive gets me away from my office and the 2 hour drive gives me a reason to think about all that has to happen to be successful in life.

The first time I went to Leadore was back in 1981 and I remember rolling into this little town, turning off the highway and on to one of four streets that goes west. It was like going back in time at least 100 years. I remember the first time I drove in, I drove past this same pile of cars, maybe with one or two less. I also remember a jack rabbit just calmly hoping past the cars in front of me like he was a regular pedestrian there in town. Anyway, I love going there, the people are wonderful and friendly and are the heart of this country. Anyway, I decided to take the camera and grab a couple of redneck shots!! Cool huh?