Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas time in our part of the world

We had a wonderful time this christmas season with all of our family visiting and with all of the festivities!! We actually started way bak at the Festival of Trees in Novemeber with the girls singing and then ended up on the 26th of December with my little nephew Troy and my grandaughter Hali Ann and I Ice fishing at the Roberts gravel pond.

We started on Christmas Eve with our annual candy bar game. The entire Family was there including Nick and Tom ( they are not officially family yet but they are as close as they can be right now right now!) ha ha!

Then we went to Tony & Jewels house on Christmas day at 6:30 to watch the g-kids open their gifts and toeat a healthy breakfast and watched Kung Fu Panda. We then returned home and had our second shift of present opening at our house for Missy and Tom, and My siter Karen, Kevin, Kayla and nephew Troy and of course Annette and I.

After all of that, we went terrorizing the neighborhood on the 4 wheelers and sleds and got the kids from California all riled up!! ha ha Tom Even got in on the fun and hurt himself. Now he knows why I don't ride behind one of these things!!! The drivers always try to launch you in the air and watch you moan when you come down. We just aren't little kids anymore!!!

After that, we went to Critter's to open gifts there with Ellory, Critter and Nick. They are really good to spleep in and started their day so much later!!! We then had games again back at our house and the festivities continued.

The following day we ended up going Ice Fishing. We tried to get Kayler to go but she was smarter than that! All in all it was a great time and it was an appropriate way to spend time together.

The giving of gifts is such a wonderfful feeling and to share in the Spirit of Christ's birth is a wonderful opportunity to give of ourselves!