Friday, September 18, 2009

Do We Ever Not Worry For Them?

This last week has been one where I was reminded that perhaps, I should spend more time at home with those that I love the most. It also got me to thinking of each of our children and how they are doing, surviving, coping, struggling, dealing with life, and how they each are doing emotionally. In fact, the week has been filled with emotions for me that have ranged from panic for some of my children to a state of peace in my mind for the others.

I've wondered how each deals with their very own life challenges. I think the most interesting part is how each of them responds so differently to their own situations and circumstances. For one, there is peace in putting one foot in front of the other. For another, there is loneliness and an unsettling feeling of being family-less for the present. For another it's dealing with a world of less than honest people causing huge personal necessity of going without. For another it's working through huge emotional stress and committments mainly imposed by that very same person on that persons own self. For another it's the perfection and absolute accuracy and attention to detail that consumes that persons time and energy perhaps for a population that may or may not even care if that person is doing his or her best. Interestingly enough, each of you could say to yourself that I'm defining you in each of those observations. Maybe I am.

Well, as a parent, I wish I could take all of your pain and struggles away and carry them for you. I've got broad shoulders that the Lord blessed me with and I'm no stanger to the cruelty of life and it's stress and I would do that for you. Unfortunately, we all know that it doesn't work that way. Each of us must rise to the occasion and just do it ourselves. The only thing we as parents can do is at times, provide a bridge to get you there. But you alone must walk the path and come out on top. Good thing we have a Savior huh?

My hope is that each of these loved ones always and I mean always never forget who you are, where you came from and where you are going. I love all of you so very much and I pray for you daily. I pray harder now than I ever have in the past! So does your mom. This is good. I'm certain my folks prayed for me too. At least I hope they did!

Keep making good choices family. For those of you who are struggling with sin. Move away from it. It never makes you feel good in the long run. Short runs, maybe but the cost of that short gratification carries with it an enormous price to pay for the rest of your life. You can either pay it yourself or let the Savior pay it for you. By the way, he already has. He's just waiting for you to give him permission to pay for it. Don't be fooled into thinking that you're too far gone! It's a LIE! The worth of souls is Great. Don't forget that.
I love you all!
Papa Ralph