Friday, September 24, 2010

Pics from Missy & Toms wedding

A glorious weekend with the family attending the wedding. I'll let the pictures & video speak for them selves

Thursday, September 2, 2010

She Turns 25 on 9-3-2010

Happy Birthday Marissa! The above picture was back in 1995. Ever since she was a little girl, she was always dressed to the hilt. Annette always made the best clothes (all homemade) for our girls. Marissa was always the ham and loved showing off.

She was also always my bright spot in life. I don't want anyone to think that she was my favorite at all. Many think that and it's not true. I will say, Marissa and her dad communicated well. We were always on the same page. Unless I was never given "The Book" so to speak! ha ha ha.. We only disagreed on a few of the boys she dated and maybe about a few teenage things. I took care of the first boy that asked her our with a pair of Bull Balls that my friend Scott Bowman had taken from a bull turned steer. I would place these testicles on the table and ask if he ( the boy) knew what they were. I waited for their response while Marissa would cry out "MOM...He's talking to my date!!!! I used those balls to intimidate boys by telling them that if their's were bigger, they would be welcome to try to do something wrong to her. If their balls were smaller, then we were going to have a nut brunch and they were hosting! Marissa hated me for doing that! I'm not sure the boy ever came back for a second date. The two gate keepers were Tony and myself. Somehow, the balls dissappeared by the time the second boy came around.

Tommorrow my baby girl turns 25. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and fun to be around. I love her very much and I wish her a happy birthday tommorrow and I'm happy that her and Tom are getting married this month! I'm sure Marissa will have a wonderful family. I'm seeing boys. More than one. Heaven forbid there should be a girl in her family!!! That would be competition! ha ha ha