Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guitar Projects with Seth!! Look to the right and play

Please push the play button and listen to these songs to the right

Over the last few weeks my friend Seth Callister and I have been recording LDS Hymns for our pleasure and for our family and friends to enjoy. They are straight forward guitar or stinged instument only with all the parts and noodles to go with it. We've been so pleased with the outcomes that we thought we might even share some of them now. We are putting a group of about 16 to 20 hymns per cd together. We are sitting on 8 right now and two more are in the can right now.

This has been one of the most enjoyable projects that I have ever done. I listen to them on a daily basis and this has helped me to calm down dramatically. I hope it does for you too.

Soo, to my family and friends I ask, what hymns would be good for us to record? What would you like to hear us do for you?

Seth and I were inspired by Michael Dowdle principally followed by Mark Geslison, Goeff Groberg, Small-Clemente Duo and other great LDS Guitarists and stringed instument players. Seth and I will be using various instruments to play these songs. On one of the recordings I used my Dulcimer, my mandolin, and at least one of my 12 strings. Most are recorded with my Seagul and Seth is playing his Martin D-28.

Anyway, we like them and hope you do to! Here is a picture from a few years ago of Me, Michael Dowdle, Seth Callister and in front, Kelly Manwaring (Seth's daughter) from a couple of years back