Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stealth Cam Ride 8-30-2008

Hali, Steph, Davey, our friend Greg and I went to set up stealth cameras in our hunting area yesterday. We rode nearly all day and climbed mountains to set the cameras up in the most ideal places. We saw currant bushes full of currants, bear poop, got to and drink water from Barney Springs and took pics at the trappers cabin above our hunting camp. Hali and I took up one of the empty bottles of our drinks and tried to fill it as it dripped so slowly into the container. we all got a couple of drinks out of it.

Also Steph shot the 44-40. She kept wanting to hold it like a gangsta! ha ha ha...and Davey was so good to teach and encourage her while she shot it. Hali was the boss of course.

All in all the kids did really good. it was so much fun to be up there with family and especially to have Steph and Davey with me. Annette was home still doing her school work and getting ready for her classroom. Anyone who thinks that school teachers only work 9 months out of the year is nuts! They choose to work in a profession that is hugely under paid and worked extremely hard. Hey at least she didn't get dusty and all stuffed up from the dusty ride. We looked like saddle tramps!

This family is just the best in the world. It was fun. I guess we'll see in a couple of weeks what we have on the cams.