Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Annette has her own Blog!!!!! Hooray!!!

Yes, she has her own blog and what a treat it is.

Annette is the most well versed woman in the gospel that I know. She can expalin simple truths and make them very understandable and fun. She can also take complicated and difficult subjects and make them very easy to understand.

I remember listening to her as she explained things to me and I was always most impressed at how close she was to the Lord. I've never met anyone that prays so sincerely and so easily as she does. She does this because she is well practiced. C'mon, living with me has required her to be on her knees a whole bunch! he he he he...


You'll find tons of inspiration and well thought sincere thoughts that will warm your heart and give you hope. (check out some of the responses too. some of them blow me away!!)