Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sept 27th 08 Ride

Well, I awoke early this Saturday and went to view the Stealth Cams. Once again, none of my family could go but my friends Scott Wilde, Greg Nichols and the Gonzalez family all went with me. We started on th east end of where we placed the cameras and went to see what we had. We had pics of critters on several of the cameras. It was good to see activity. Also, we saw mountain lion tracks and black bear tracks right by where we camp. I did set up another stealth cam by where a bear had been frequenting the area. There was poop on the road that gave him away. They were eating currants as they were thick up there this year.

We also took aride up to the top of Mormon Gulch again. Whew! We went a total of 85 miles on the 4 wheelers yesterday! I ran out of gas because I forgot to fill the digger up before we left. Also Scott and I were made fools of agin chasing both chukars and huns. I'll tell all of you that those partridges are birds of the devil!!!! ha ha

Foriegner with Marissa & Tom

Last Tuesday I went to SLC to join Missy & Tom and caught a Foriegner concert. Talk about a fun venue! The place, The Depot. It was a very nice, clean and smoke free enviroment. It was small too. It is definetly a place I will go to again. Also, it was on a Tuesday night. Only hard core fans there. If you go to Missy's blog you can get more details because she is a better writer than I am. Here are some shots that are duplicates from Missy's blog

I also was completely surprised at how Mick Jones at 63 is still rockin the house down. Good clean solid chops that are ever in style. It gives me, a 51 year old rocker, hope that I can keep rockin for a long time! ha ha ha... Annette is so tolerant of my little boy ways. I realize, I STILL HAVEN'T GROWN UP!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Stealth Cam Review 9-20-08

Well, I awoke on Saturday to go hunting, ALONE. My sons bagged out on me, my lovely bride just needed a day to herself, my friends were all busy and I was left the lone man on a rainy Saturday. I loaded the smaller 4 wheeler and went to the place where I placed a few cameras ( Stealth Cams) to retrieve them and see what kinda critters were roaming around.

I was rather dissapointed in that there were very few pictures taken of critters and a whole bunch of Chukars again and also plenty of blowing weed shots. All in all, if I total the number of poictures taken or images captured, it was 236. Of those 236 there were only a few big game shots. Here they are.

I did see some beautiful country and got one good snap shot of it all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Missy's Tagline game

Ok, Got this from Missy the other day and I'm Gonna pass it on!!!!

I am: mostly crazy and a little selfish (we all have ton's of flaws)
I think: Getting older is not for wimps
I know: That my Redeemer lives
I want: I want a couple of my kids to "Get It! (life).
I have: a Dulcimer that I play just about every morning.
I dislike: Liars...but I love a good story teller..there is a difference!
I miss: My Kids
I fear: losing my health.
I feel: great .
I hear: The washer and dryer going and Annette sniffing (allergies).
I smell: Butt, feet and pumpkin cookies
I crave: Going and getting my stealth cams..No getting a new tranny! Ouch $$$$
I cry: Every now and then and when the spirit touches me. Usually at church.
I usually: am late for everything.
I search: Deals on music equipment, music, hunting and fishing stuff and knowledge about where I belive the next opportunities lie in the marketplace for my clients.
I wonder: how to format my stealth cams????
I regret: not finishing my college degree
I love: Annette, all my kids, my job, my Lord and Savior, Horchata, Tacos Mexico, Chinese food, my new Chrysler, my folks and my brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts...well, you get the story!
I always: get sidetracked because i'm ADD.
I worry: about my retirement.
I am not: Skinny nor am I a democrat like my folks are.
I remember: The good ol days when my kids were little and Annette and I were poor
I believe: in Truth
I dance: Only when threatened to be TAZED
I sing: In the band at times. Mostly harmonies and a few lead melody lines
I don't always: express my gratitude like I should
I argue: like an idiot...I learned it from my mom.
I write: on pads of paper and later (about 3 weeks) I haver to consoladate to one sheet and clean my desk off.
I win: always at some point
I lose: Patience
I wish: I had the fence done
I listen: Not very well...I'm ADD
I don't understand: Science sometimes
I can usually be found: Working, playing guitar, planning the next event and blogging
I am scared: Liars and mean people
I need: my buddy Greenie (the truck)
I forget: to take out the garbage sometimes.
I am happy: That my kids live close and that Annette and I are close to them !
I tag...Crit, Steph, Bonnie, Hanna, Ali, Tammie, Kim, Nat & Jer Bear Coon
I know.. nearly all girls but they at least will do it!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mini Perez Family Reunion 9-5,6 &7-08

We were all invited to go to the Hammond Family cabin (Steph's Family) for the weekend and celebrate with Dave & Steph their 1 year reunion. It was so much fun. We went through Yellowstone park, well, to Old Faithful anyway and we saw plenty of wildlife and of course, saw old Faithful go off. and had Ice cream cones at the Old Faithful Store.. On Sunday we just relaxed and had a nice time laying back and playing games. All of Tony's fam was there, Tom & Missy and of course, our hosts, Dave & Stephie were there as well as Annette and I. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed every minute of it. One of the funnest parts was watching Tom looking at all the animals. I think my kids have been hunting with me often enough that it was a rather normal experience to see them out in the wild. Of course, in Yellowstone, they are nearly tame and so much less wary of man as they are completely protected from man and only have to worry about natures predators. Which by the way, is not a pretty site if you've ever come across a predator kill. It's scary and you can nearly feel the fear. Here are a few samples of the weekend.

Dove Hunt opener 9-1-08

Ok, I'm a week behind but here are the hard fought results of the Dove hunt for our clan that went out on Monday Sept 1 (Labor Day). Birds lost 8! We were an Army of nine and that meant some of us were poor shots. It was a rather chilly day hunting as it sometimes is for doves in Idaho. Anyway, it was David, Tony, Deano, John and Jackson Carpenter, Todd Christensen, and Brent & Gradin Howard. It was a blast!!! By the way, they were delicious! Doves in Cornbread stuffing!! Yum Yum!!!