Thursday, May 22, 2008

This last Weekend 5-17-08

Annette and I went down to see Missy and Thom. Also we stopped in to see her brother Darren and his little family that is growing up so fine and all. That Darren is quite a musician. He showed me what he was doing and how he was creating an entire orchestra with his computer! How cool was that. Anyway, I had to go down to meet with a client and we incorporated the trip with visiting Missy. Here's a few snap shots of them. Tom is an excellent barbee man! He does a great job. I need to learn from them how to cook over a grill. I haven't developed that talent yet.

Also, the band blog is up and running now. Go check it out. I think I'll ask Seth to let me put one together for the old Looking Back Band too.