Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessing the Little Ones!!!!

Last weekend we went to Caldwell, or rather Middleton and had a wonderful time spending the weekend with the newest additions to the family, Kenzington and Rylee Perez. We spent time with Dave and Steph and the Hammonds at their beautiful home and enjoyed their wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed eachothers company too and all the fun we had at the Mall, the Cafe ole with Dave , Steph and the Twins and at the hotel with Tony & Julies family, and Critter and Ellory.

We topped the weekend off with the blessing of the girls in Middleton and what a beautiful blessing David gave the girls. His blessings were so touching and the Spirit was so strong while he blessed them. It was good to be there with my two sons and most of Stephies brothers and Rich.

We had a great dinner afterwards and had a great time with all the family. Afterwards, Annette, Hali and I traveled home and we went the Mountain Home/Fairfield way home. All I can say is WOW! It is absolutely beautiful to take that route. I think We'll take that way home and there everytime!