Monday, September 22, 2008

Stealth Cam Review 9-20-08

Well, I awoke on Saturday to go hunting, ALONE. My sons bagged out on me, my lovely bride just needed a day to herself, my friends were all busy and I was left the lone man on a rainy Saturday. I loaded the smaller 4 wheeler and went to the place where I placed a few cameras ( Stealth Cams) to retrieve them and see what kinda critters were roaming around.

I was rather dissapointed in that there were very few pictures taken of critters and a whole bunch of Chukars again and also plenty of blowing weed shots. All in all, if I total the number of poictures taken or images captured, it was 236. Of those 236 there were only a few big game shots. Here they are.

I did see some beautiful country and got one good snap shot of it all.