Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Time 12-25-2010

We started out at Tony & Julie's house in the morning and ended up at our home in the afternoon to open with Ell and Critter. The pictures are self explanitory. What a blast.

Ed thought he was really Leonardo from Ninja Turtles. All were happy with their Christmas. We heard from Dave and Stephie and we'll be there this weekend to visit with them in Colorado Springs.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Quick Visit to So Cal

I had a wonderful trip to Lancaster CA to visit my family and to record the old High School days band "Fuzz". I traveled alone because Annette was in school teaching and is saving her days for our trip to Colorado Springs to visit Davey and Stephie and the RyKenzies. It was a fact finding trip and a trip that helped to understand human behavior and how we, as the people we are, deal with consequences. What I learned wasn't harmful or mean, it was just revealing and helped me to understand those I love and admire.

The other day I went to lunch with my friend Curtis. He shared with me how we in this life because of our choices, are always dealing with consequences.From start to finish, we make choices and then we deal with the consequence from that decision whether it is a good, bad or indifferent decision. Anyway, it was a time for me to plan and reflect upon my life and goals that I am working on as well as my business plan too, which is really nothing more than a goal or set of goals to accomplish for the year.

The first night I spent with Kevin, Karen and Troy in North Edwards. I woke up to a beautiful morning where I awoke and saw Troy off to seminary, Kevin heading to work and Karen got ready putting on her War Paint for the day. it was fun. After they left i took an hour plus walk/hike along the little buttes around North Edwards. I saw coyote, bobcat, and quail tracks. I also saw quail too. Then I traveled in to Lancaster to see my folks. They are so funny in that their schedules are so mixed up and are so unorganized. They seem to do everything rather last minute or in a fashion that is opposite to the way I'd do given the same choices. Anyway, it was a fun day with them and spending the glorious time together. We topped it off with a meal in Victorville at the Marie Calendars. Everyone was there except for my brother. We had a real good time.

The next day was spent with the Old Fuzz band in Tehachapi. Martin came up from Woodland Hills and we traveled together to Steve and Ellens home where we met up with Steve and the very frail Dale. it seems as though life has dealt him some serious business. But, even with all the challenges he faces, he stayed a full 8 plus hours to record 4 songs together. There will be a link to see at least one of themm. It was fun and the feelings shared where ones never to forget.

You can see all the Youtube videos of us if you type in HEPLAR in the search. it should populate all of our videos.
A great time for sure.