Saturday, August 15, 2009

David's Graduation from Lineman's College 8-13-14-09

We had the opportunity to attend our little Davey's graduation from the Northwest Linemans College and Linemans Rodeo in Kuna this last Thursday and Friday. It was an opportunity to see David excel in his love of his new career. What a great thing for us as parents to see a son make good choices and have opportunities in multiple ways presented before him. We can see how he and Stephie will be greatly blessed for the sacrifices they have made.
It was also fun giving the girls ( Kenzi and Ry) rides in the bucket. David was busy competing in the rodeo when I had the hair-brained idea to take Kenzi up in the bucket about 50 feet or so (hey, it's windy up there and wobbly). David didn't see us until I was about 20 feet up! He just looked and said "NOOO!" Too late! We were up in the air and what a view. The Lineman that operated the bucket was so very kind and polite. Anyway, we made it back down and a little later Donette took Rylee up and Dave actually took the controls over and took them up.

It was fun watching and I was so proud to see David with his entire graduating class and see the hope in all of their eyes. It was a great weekend.

The girls are doing great and they are beautiful. It was a great trip for Annette and I. I was informed that I hadn't done a thing all summer with Annette and that we didn't go anywhere. So, we squoze one day into the summer. Hey, it's been a tight year so we'll make up for it next year.

We love all of our kids and are especially pleased and glory with all of those who have made great choices in life. We celebrate with you and revel with you in your new found career choices and love you dearly for it. We love all of you and want the best for you all. Keep making good choices and you'll see what happens! Trust me!!!!!! It's Good!!!!

Papa Ralph