Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Time with the Perez'

It's December 26th, the day after Christmas and Annie and I have just said good bye to Marissa, Tom and Bolt. My sister Karen and her family left earlier this morning. It's unbelievably quiet in our home now and we're almost feeling like we're missing someone. Well, we already miss Marissa and Tom and they just left. I think most of us that are parents understand the feelings we may be feeling right now. We're so grateful for our family and all the fun they made here in our home. We love you tremendously and want the best for all of you.

I'm grateful for the traditions we have already started to develop and that each and every child of ours contributes to the good feelings and the care for eachother. It's fun to sit back and watch these grownups do their thing. I do have to say, the schedule was packed. There was no wiggle room. Christmas programs, caroling, present exchanges, meals that were huge and in general, just family time at it's fullest was the order of the week.

I guess I just wanted to say We Love You All and Thanks for a great holiday week. I'll let the slideshow say it all.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Our trip began on Tuesday and ended Sunday the 3rd of April. We started  with a visit to family in Richfield  Utah and continued on through to Kanab, to Page AZ, then on to Cortez Colorado. We hit Mesa Verde National Park the next day and drove on from there to Colorado Springs where we spent the next few days with the most beautiful twins in the world. We loved every minute of our trip until we headed home and through Wyoming once again, slide offs and blowing winds and snow.

All in all, it was a beautiful drive, saw the most unique and beautiful redlands, the movie set from the Outlaw Josie Wales in Kanab, Glen Canyon dam in Page, and the drive through the Navajo country was spectacular. The best way to view america is on a two laned highway. forget the interstates.

The Denver Aquarium is an excellent place to go if you want a great aquarium experience. The Rykenzies loved it and Dave & Steph are the best little parents ever.

Also, David makes the best pizza ever! I mean it was tasty. Stephie makes the best spagetti using the other white meat as opposed to the artery clogging hamburger we're so used to. Here's some pictures: