Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hali's "101 Dalmations" Play

Yesterday evening we went to see Hali's play. Her G.A.T.E. program put on "101 Dalmations". these little actors were great! They did excellent.

Hali played a Chihuahua and she was as cute as a button. Afterwards we went to Arby's for dinner and proceeded to get soaked with spilled pop and slimed with ketchup from our little group. It reminded me of when my parents took my sister Martha and I to a real nice restaurant in LA when I was just an 8 year old kid and Martha and I spilled things and we were crawling around on the floor picking things up and eating them. All the while embarrassing my mom and dad.

Of course, last night, I didn't even get mad at the fact that pop was spilled all over me. It was fun because it was my grandkids. Anyway, here's a clip of her last night

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

End of March Photos!!! What a difference today!

Ok, so this was the view from our door on Sunday the 29th of March. The markets were gloomy (but improving), the weather was relentlessly reminding us of the nasty grip of winter and it seemed as though we should have remaned Idaho Falls to something Siberian! Maybe even Chernobel or something that would fit for the times. Here's another two:

As you can see, it even feels cold to look at these pictures!!! and now we are in full swing of Spring. yesterday, Annette, Ellory, Critter and I were working in the garden areas getting them all prepared for planting some fun stuff. I moved a bunch of shade loving plants from the back yard that were'nt doing so well after the apple tree that used to shade them so well had split in two and had broken. Since then the plants had done just terrible. So, along the front of our house, it faces north and we always need shade lovers there. So, we'll see if the transplant actually works. I guess that slowly, one by one the projects will get done around here. Annette wants the big pine tree gone in our front yard. I say please not yet. I like it and I know the neighboorhood kids would sure be upset. Years ago, our little Critter and her friend put up or had me rather, put up two swings in the pine tree. Now, years later, every neighborhood kid plays on them. It's really kinda fun to watch and to hear! I know, I'm starting to sound like a nostalgic old man!! ha ha

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

We started the weekend by going to Annette's uncle's funeral. Seems to be that all we do now is go to relative funerals. I suspect it will only continue as we all seems slide over a chair in life as we get closer to the end. It was good to visit with family and to spend that special time with everyone there.

Once we got back well, here is what we did with the grandkids. They were instructed that they could only hide eggs in the upstairs family room, the dining room and not out in the livingroom, any bedrooms or bathrooms nor anything downstairs in that family room nor any other bedrooms downstairs. It just had to be right in the family room and out on the deck. It was a balmy 56 degrees out there and so it was nice and toleable for them. We had fun and they did too.