Sunday, November 23, 2008

E.D. and the Girls recording with Gramps

The Saturday prior to the Festival of Trees we recorded the two Christmas songs. I have this portable digital studio that I usually use to record the band and other bands. I've also recorded other little projects. I never use the regular programs on a computer like Pro-Tools, or Q-Base to edit to the tiniest bit of perfection. I use the tools available on this thing to capture a rather raw sound. Think ala MUDCRUTCH ( Tom Petty's original band and their latest recording).

The nice thing about this is that I am now starting to fulfill the dream I had when I originally bought this piece of equipment. It was to record my grandkids singing. Thanks to my buddy Brian for the percussion and drums on the track of "Must Be Santa". Tony was on the bass, I was on the 12 string and the girls and I sang. We did it in stages. I recorded Brian on the drums and one 12 string track at the band room with Brian and also a scratch vocal track. Then we laid in the shakers followed by another track of sleigh bells. Afterwhich I laid in a slide acoustic guitar track. Then, we came home to the basement and recorded the girls and their vocals and redid mine. Now, Wha-la!!!! You have it.

We recorded Hali singing "Are my ears on Straight in our front room with first Julie playing the piano and then followed it with Hali singing it twice. We made two versions. One with her singing alone and another with her singing in unison to herself on the chorus. It sounds really wonderful Of course. We are so biased!!!!!

Critter heard it yesterday in our car and couldn't believe it was us singing. She was blown away!!