Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Annual Deer Hunt 10-19 thru 22-08

What a great time we all had. We missed many of our friends who were not able to come up and spend time at the "Man Camp". Dad, Scott Wilde, John Carpenter, Todd Pitcher (Sorta, he was there but left early because of miss communication by me), and various of Tony's friends were not able to come. we especially missed Missy's beau Tom Soran. We did have our beloved Uncle Kevin, Greg Nichols, Conner Klassen, Tony and I.

We left after church on sunday to set up the camp. of course, we did it in the dark and got ready for the next day. It was nearly 2 am by the time we set it all up. We did not wake to early the next day but, our camp is right there where the deer are. At least in other years. We actually didn't see any bucks all day long on the first day. We hunted all of our usually good areas that are consistant producers of deer and found nothing but elk and does. we made it back to camp in the dark at around 8:30 or so expecting to see our buddy Todd waiting for us. We didn't but Kevin did prepare the absolute best Taco Soup on the planet. It was so good we ate it for breakfast the next morning.

The following day we deecided to hunt lower as we were'nt seeing anything that was up high that was worthy of taking. Amazingly, it was blowing a freezing cold wind that would cut you to the bone. We climbed to the top of where we last left off and kept hunting the ridge down. we tried to stay on the leeward side of the wind. It worked! we got down by Monolithe rock and in the bowl behind the Monolithe Conner connected with his first 3 point buck. He was guided by the best guide in the world, Tony! Congrats Conner boy!!!!

We also got to play hide and seek with some Bighorn Sheep down low. they were nearly tame.

Hunting with the Carpenters 10-18-08

Ok, we went out to our Sacred, Sacred Rattlesnake Canyon and started our hunt with Jackson and John Carpenter, Conner Klassen, Tony and I and we saw deer about 3/4 of the way up the road. We got the boys in place because we knew that they could get these does (yes does because they are youth under 17). The deer were about 250 yards away and it was fu n to watch them get all buck fevered as they shot. Jackson connected with his and brought the deer down with once shot. He later dispatched the deer with another shot. Conner hit one but even after all 5 of us looked and combed the large sagebrush hill for 2 1/2 hours, we were not able to find her. It was sad but Conner learned the value of placing a shot because he did get one later. I'll save that for another post.

Tony, Conner and I continued up to the top of Rattlesnake ND WE HAVE DECIDED THAT THAT IS THE STEEPEST MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD!!!!

Ellory @ Gramps 10-16-08

Ok, She is feeling pretty safe here with gramps. I worry about her and how she will be influenced in this life. I like that Critt brings her over often and just hangs out with us. I think critt doesn't trust me yet because she knows that I will feed her what she wants and that would be anything sweet and delicious!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tagged by Marissa!!! You're next

So, the rules are:
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1. I secretly really enjoy soft jazz and classical music. I am a solid rocker but I do listen to quiet stuff while I'm driving or trying to think.

2. I am the oldest son of my mom. I am also the most uneducated of all my brother and sisters.

3. I love taking high quality pictures and sharing them even if I didn't take them.

4. I do not like the markets because of how they make my friends and clients feel. They will get better, as they always do.

5. I am not as bad A.D.D. as i have been in the past.

6. Life is really good to me.
Soo. I tag Tammie, Annette, Karen, Tony my Bro, and Kayla my niece

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stealth Cam Retrieve!! What a ride

Yesterday late afternoon we made our way to go retrieve the cameras that we had in place. All six of them. Dean and LaRayne and Sarah went with us to get 4 of them before they took off because of the time. That left just Annette, Julie, Tony and I to go to South Creek to get the 2 cameras that were left. We were certainly surprised by what was on the cameras. Take a look at the surprise. Usually we only see Deer, Elk and an occasional Antelope but this time!!!!

Also, I got one shot of the kids with us! They look like saddle tramps!!! ha ha

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ellory & Gramps on the 22nd of Sept

Ok, I don't know who is sillier to listen too, but, Ellory was over playing with us and she started laughing at these silly little wind up toys from Energizer Battery packets. Critter grabbed the camera and caught the two of us laughing. I never realized how silly I sound. It's cool, because Ellory is just rolling with the "funnies" at these silly little toys. Oh, almost forgot, she also gave me a big ol slobbery kiss right before this. She loves her gramps because, our house, it's my rules and she can eat what she wants, when she wants. Her mom Critter, hates that! No matter, it's the way it is! ha ha ha