Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahhhh, a new week!

So this weekend was a very busy one, as are most weekends. Lets see, we cleaned the church, got help a friend move (well sorta, got there late), went to Stake conference this weekend, picked up stuff in the basement, went home teaching, played a gig with the "Mint Condition" Band on Friday, made cookies, and went to try to refill cartyridges that were just too old I guess at Critters place. No wonder I can't wait to come to work. Besides, I love what I do 99% of the time.

Looks like the festivities for this week are, Home Evening with Crit & Ellory followed by a quick recording session with one named Rick Harris tonight at home, 40 Somethin band pactice tomorrow night, a gig @ Apple on Wednesday, a quick recording session on thursday and finally, a date with Annette ion Friday. Full schedule for sure.

Critter brought the car back last night so I drove that. I feel guilty driving it because they need it so bad but Annette tells me it is good for them to figure out wht they are going to do. I love my little Crit and Ellory, heck I love all my kids.