Friday, February 13, 2009


We have been celebrating Valentines Day together for almost 30 years. Even though a few of them have been rocky, there are still many reasons I love him. Here are just a few reasons why I love the man I'm married to.

He is a man of many interests: Hunting, fishing, music making - plays guitar in two bands, mixes and records music, sings in the ward choir.

He is a man of faith. He read the scriptures and prays daily. He takes his callings seriously and fulfills them with never a word of complaint. He is always willing to serve others.

He is a loyal friend. He has many friends that he still keeps in contact with from his high school days. Once a friend - always a friend. He is gregarious. He stops and talks to everyone because he knows everyone. Don't send him to the store if you need something quickly. He'll be gone at least an hour because he ran into so many of his friends. When we go to the store together, I leave him with the first person he finds and continue the shopping. When I'm finished, I usually find him with someone else.

He is a hard worker and self-motivated.

He runs his own business and really cares about his clients. After a lot of different jobs to keep our family fed and clothed he found a career that makes him happy. He dedicates time and talent to his clients with a smile on his face everyday.

He often does the cooking - mostly because I don't like anything to do with the kitchen - but he seems to enjoy it. He'll even clean the kitchen and do the dishes. The kids complain about his famous mystery stews, but there are many dishes he makes that are enjoyable.

He likes to cuddle on the couch with me after a long day at work and watch Law and Order. His first choice would be COPS! Luckily he compromises and we get to watch what I want.

He irons his own clothes and will often iron mine. He is meticulous about everything being crisp and neat.

He has the ability to make everyone laugh. He could entertain all types of crowds with his wit and sense of humor. He has MC'd different parties or functions, and even amuses fans in his own band.

He likes his home to be clean and organized. He never leaves dirty clothes on the floor.

He is good looking!

He brought four beautiful children, five amazing grandchildren (and two more on the way) into this world with me.

Ralph, thank you for being a great husband and father. I love you. Happy Valentines Day