Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mountain River Ranch with Julisa and Ellory

When I was a little boy growing up I was fascinated with the Old West and generally anthing Pioneery! I enjoyed our family vacations to Virginia City Nevada or even to Knotts Berry Farm which had a sort of Pioneer feel to it. Even traveling to El Paso Texas with my Aunt on the train traveling across New Mexico and Arizona via the train was enchanting in my mind. I would envision wagon trains and individual riders and basically anything that resembled somthing I saw in the old west movies of the day.

The terrain across much of the West is so very picturesque that it was easy for me to imagine ( as I did a lot as a kid).

As I grew older, my travels with my dad to Fallon Nevada from Lancaster California had us crossing old pioneer trails and old outlaw laden country ( in my mind). i grew to love the Old West and was grateful to live in the place where it all really happened. Life in Fallon was at least 50 to 100 years behind life in L.A. County and i welcomed it. Thanks to my dad to help me be able to let my mind just wander in my youthful daydreams.
Anyway, that still continues to this day. I enjoy going to Lagoon to the Pioneer Village and anything where there is a Pioneer theme. Today we went to Mountain River Ranch and enjoyed the company of Critter & Ellory. Ell loves horses and wagon rides. Critter deplores it but Ell and I have a common thread. We love outdoorsy stuff and live for it.