Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day Fun with Tony and Julie's Fam 9-5-6-2009

Tony and Jewels asked if we would come up and play with them and their family on the Labor day weekend. We agreed and we were assigned breakfast for about 22 people on Saturday morning. We brought up the fixings for Annette's delicious french toast ( made with cinnamon bread, YUM), dads greasy bacon and sausages, hash browns plain and hash browns O'Perez ( actually O'brien style with onions and green peppers). The peppers were from our garden which was pretty cool. Orange juice or milk for drink. Alllanyone needed was a shot of ketchup or their own hot sauce, a healthy appetite, and they were off to the races.

We got on the boat and had a blast transporting folks to the dock. The water cops were there and they would only allow the recommended number of folks on the boat that it had capacity for. This required us to shuttle folks. Neil took Annette and me and several kids to the first available dock and we got off with the fishing poles and all the gear to fish and swim and have fun. this allowed all the older kids , surf, and have boating fun while we played with the little ones.

Later that night we came back for dinner and played games until about 10:30 and then Annette and I came home because of our responsibilities in the YSA branch. We felt the need to be there and fulfill our responsibilities, especially because we are newer and we want to set a good exapmle for those whom we are entrusted to lead. Besides, we really enjoy it too. We also came back because my allergis were killing me. I'm severely allergic to earthworms. I used them because that's the only thing the fish were biting from the dock. They wouldn't chase a single lure. By the end of the night I my face was swollen like a balloon, and I needed a dose of allergy medicine which I hate to take because it knocks me out for over 24 hours. I struggled all day in church to stay awake.

We went back the next night and played more games and had fun with the kids and got some beautiful night sky.