Sunday, January 18, 2009

Critter Turns 20- Little Party 1-18-09

Well our baby turneed 20 this last Friday. She is such a good little mom. It's fun to watch her grow up, make good decisions and learn from the bad ones. She was always the most bull headed of our kids and like her big sister who is stunningly beautiful, Critter is just Strikingly beautiful.

Anyway, All of the family was here except Missy and Tomasio as they live far away. We had fun. we ate pizza and salad, Chips and some of Annettes homemade (too die for) salsa. After which Jules and Annette colaborated on a cake and ice cream treat. We also had the sacred slush from Julie. Oh baby! Bring on the calories tonight.

All in all we had fun. Little ED and I went downstairs and put in the movie CARS (his favorite) on the bigscreen and the surround sound. We got told to turn it down. Ha ha ha, we turned it up!! Yep, we're training him young so when he joins the band of his own, he'll be all tuned up.

Next birthday will be Ellories! She'll be one