Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today My Little Boy Leaves I.F.

Our Little David has been working towards becoming a lineman. He's been an electrician for the last 8 years. He's a full fledged journeyman and has worked his way up to a forman and worked crews. After all this time he has made it clear he really wants to go in a different direction. We're proud of him and so pleased that he wants to continue to make good choices for himself and his beautiful wife Stephanie. These choices include he and Stephie moving to Boise where he will be attending school and from there, well, who knows where this world of opportunity will take my little boy. I wish him all the best and hope that his dreams come true because he deserves them.

So last night, Tony and I helped him move the last of his and Stephie's stuff to Michelle's basement and also into his truck. Tony went home after our lirst load to Michelle's and then it was just Dave and me. It was fun working together. We worked together until 2 a.m. I loved every minute of it. I was with my little pal who was always a quiet little feller to take along. Now, I look at him as an accomplished and focused young man. He's funny, and just good. He wanted to leave this morning at 2 and I encouraged him to sleep so that he could travel safely and get to Stephie in one piece. When I left this morning (7:25), he was asleep on the couch (just like he did when he was living with me) and he looked at peace. I gave him a big hug and a squeeze and a kiss and he slept right through it.

I looked at his truck out in front of the house all tied in with his stuff and shed some trears of joy for him and Stephanie and their new little babies that are coming. Tears of joy anyway and not of sadness. I guess it's really the first time that Dave has really ever left! Well, he did leave to work in Big Sky Montana for a winter and then there was the time he left to go live in Columbus Ohio. Back in those days, it was probably ok for Davey to leave. In fact, I believe we held the door open for him. ha ha. But, through all the stuggles that his sweet mom and I had, he always came home and he was always here. Probably, he never knew how much I so appreciated him being here. I guess he was a rock to me just like all of my kids are. He just was always there. Sooo, I'll have to get used to going to Boise to see him. At least for the time being.

Good for you Davey! I love You Kid!