Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Work & Check Out Missy Singing ->>

Well, there hasn't been much to report lately other than things are going just fine. Work is still quiet, relatively speaking), life is good and our biggest news is that i've been called to be 1st counselor in the Young Single Adults Branch of our stake. I made the mistake of going fishing with my good friend Deano (second counselor in the Stake Presidency) and mentioned to him that the best kept secret in the church is teaching Sunday School and how there are no early morning Priethood Leadership , nor Auxillary meetings to go too. Well, that was a mistake. After a mere two weeks, I got called. It's cool though. I'm serving with my good friend s Lamont Hanson Pres. and Roger Harshbarger 2nd counselor. We will have fun for sure. I know most of the kids from when I was their Stake Young Mens President and or the High Council talk assignments.

Also, we had fun working around the house on Memorial day weekend. Other than the gig I had with the band on saturday afternoon, the rest of the weekend was dedicated to my beautiful bride and my family. We worked on the yard and the fences and just had an enjoyable time.

Tony and Julie are visiting Aaron and Crytal in Florida at Disney World where Aaron works and we had their little ones with us for the weekend and we'll have them again this weekend.

Poor little Hali was out of sorts because her mom and dad were gone. She would never admit to it but she missed them so very much. She spent most of the time by herself just moping around quietly and out of everyones way. Kinda cool to see an emotional little girl again. Anyway, she was in the upstairs bathroom taking a 2 hour soak and I came in from outside and spoke to her through the door. I yelled out to her "Hali! Who loves ya?" She responded, "You do Gramps" rather discouragingly. I asked her again "Who else?" She responded "Grandma!" I added, well i think everyone loves you. She proceeded to tell me about a girl at school who hated her and turned many of her friends away from her. ( I think she was just down and needed to vent!) I said to her " She really doesn't hate you Hales!" She responded that she was sure she did in her best Eyore tone. I responded by reccomendeing to her " Well, tell her to go to Hell!" (Grandma did not approve) Hali just started laughing her loud deep from the bottom of her belly laugh and she had me laughing. She thought that was funny and then she quickly said to me, "Hey Gramps, you owe me a buck" "I almost forgot because I was laughing so hard" Ya see, everytime I cuss, I owe her a buck. Julie tells me that I will singlehandedly fund her education! Little Poops!