Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Weekend!!!!

What a wonderful time we had with our families all visiting and all over this valentine weekend.

We started the visit with a meal at Tony & Julies and watched the little cousins just have a blast with their little Twin Cousins. They were a hit. Of Cours, it was all topped with one of Julie's delicious meals

We were blessed with a visit from Dave & Steph and the twins. They are growing up so fast and we had fun watching them smile and giggle and just play around with us and all thier cousins and grandmas and grandpas. Stephies folks came over and hung out with us for a couple of evening while we all played with the kids. I think we decided, we need more chairs in the family room!

Also, Critter got a new bike that we put together for her on Saturday. I had fun riding it down the block even if was pink!

We love our entire family and only wish that they all lived closer. We missed not having Missy there with us. It's a good thing she calls frequently to talk with us.