Monday, September 8, 2008

Mini Perez Family Reunion 9-5,6 &7-08

We were all invited to go to the Hammond Family cabin (Steph's Family) for the weekend and celebrate with Dave & Steph their 1 year reunion. It was so much fun. We went through Yellowstone park, well, to Old Faithful anyway and we saw plenty of wildlife and of course, saw old Faithful go off. and had Ice cream cones at the Old Faithful Store.. On Sunday we just relaxed and had a nice time laying back and playing games. All of Tony's fam was there, Tom & Missy and of course, our hosts, Dave & Stephie were there as well as Annette and I. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed every minute of it. One of the funnest parts was watching Tom looking at all the animals. I think my kids have been hunting with me often enough that it was a rather normal experience to see them out in the wild. Of course, in Yellowstone, they are nearly tame and so much less wary of man as they are completely protected from man and only have to worry about natures predators. Which by the way, is not a pretty site if you've ever come across a predator kill. It's scary and you can nearly feel the fear. Here are a few samples of the weekend.

Dove Hunt opener 9-1-08

Ok, I'm a week behind but here are the hard fought results of the Dove hunt for our clan that went out on Monday Sept 1 (Labor Day). Birds lost 8! We were an Army of nine and that meant some of us were poor shots. It was a rather chilly day hunting as it sometimes is for doves in Idaho. Anyway, it was David, Tony, Deano, John and Jackson Carpenter, Todd Christensen, and Brent & Gradin Howard. It was a blast!!! By the way, they were delicious! Doves in Cornbread stuffing!! Yum Yum!!!