Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I feel like "Yatahey" (Poop)!!!! Ever since monday night after Remi's birthday party, I've had a flu bug. I thought I was over it but low and behold. Here I am with the Hee-Bee-Gee-Bee's. I feel like a ballon about ready to pop.
I went to lunch with Tony today to the Pita Pit. This is the first meal of meat that I've had since monday after I ate my ham sandwich. I am now in so much pain that I can hardly type. I wonder if this what it feels like to die. Yeah....thats the way to die! With a big ol' fart on the way out. he he he he !!! Oh well, maybe I'll get to feeling better by tommorrow. I think I'll call this the Poop Diet!